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Fate Christmas Tree Lighting - 2020 Vendor Application

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  2. Vendor Acceptance Timeline*

    The final deadline to apply is Thursday, December 3, 2020.

  3. Fee Payment Deadline*

    The $25 small logo space fee or $50 large logo space fee is due before the web listing will be posted.

  4. Timeline*

    The web listing will be posted within 24 hours of payment being received, or within one business day if payment was received over the weekend. The listing will be removed on Monday, January 4, 2021.

  5. Terms, Conditions & Guidelines

    Space and vendor types are limited and available on a first-come-first-serve basis. To ensure availability, register early. Fate Christmas Tree Lighting Event Guidelines: There are no refunds, exchanges, or carry-overs to future events. This is a website listing for local shoppers. We only allow exclusivity for Direct Sales and/or Multi-Level Marketing Booths (Scentsy, Jamberry, etc...). Applications are reviewed and placed on a first-come basis. Participation in a prior event does not guarantee space in future events or the same placement on the website. Vendors will need to provide a website with the capability to sell your work and ship or delivery your work. Violators will not be accepted to participate in future events. The Fate Christmas Tree Lighting event is a family-friendly event - please ensure your merchandise does not contain vulgarity, explicit language, suggestive terms, or any other questionable content. Terms & Conditions: The City of Fate has the right to refuse to admit any exhibitor for any reason, at any time. The City of Fate reserves the right to reject any person or anything we feel is not in the best interest of the event, that may pose a risk of danger, may not be safe, maybe harmful, or in any way not in the spirit of the event. Each vendor expressly agrees to all rules, website listing arrangements, schedule, and guidelines.

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