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Animal Care

  1. Animal Complaint Form

    This form enables the user to file concerns about the well-being of an animal or to request Animal Care Services.

  1. I Found a Stray Animal Form

    Please use this form to report animals you've found and you don't know who owns the animal.


  1. Commercial Drone (UAS) Application - City of Fate

    Commercial drone operators which includes but is not limited to a production company, advertising/publicity firm, film crew, etc., are... More…

  1. Project Questionnaire

Public Safety

  1. Vacation House Watch Application

    Vacation House Watch Application

STAR Nomination Form

  1. STAR Nomination Form

    Special Thanks and Recognition

Utility Billing

  1. 96-Gallon Recycle Cart Request

    96-Gallon Recycle Cart Request

  2. Authorization to Make Changes

    Authorization to Make Changes

  3. Customer information for Notifications

    Customer information for Notifications.

  4. Housewarmers Sign Up Sheet

    Housewarmers Sign Up Sheet

  1. Alarm Application

    Alarm Application

  2. Customer Billing Information

    Customer Billing Information