Strong Towns

Strong Towns, an international movement dedicated to making communities like Fate financially strong and resilient is coming to Fate City Hall, 1900 CD Boren Parkway, Friday, November 22, 2019, from 6-8 PM. 

For generations, American communities have been growing—or at least, they've been building. Communities have been paving roads, raising buildings, and putting infrastructure in the ground without giving thought to whether future generations can afford to maintain the world we'll leave them. The Strong Towns movement sheds light on how the things we build today are either making our community a better or worse places to live for the long haul. 

In the Strong America presentation, Strong Towns President and Founder Charles L. Marohn, Jr. highlights some of the most powerful stories in his book Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity, and uses those insights to highlight a path to community prosperity that’s as unique as Rockwall County.

Using an innovative, hands-on approach, The Strong America presentation invites the audience to “choose their own adventure” from a range of presentation tracks and go deeper into just one area where their unique community can make a change today. 

This event will be followed by a book signing with the author and light refreshments.

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Charles L. Marohn, Jr., Chuck Marohn
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