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Building Inspection Department

Q1. When are permits required?

  • Permits are required when building, remodeling or enlarging a building.  Permits are also required for other improvements to your property.

Projects that are cosmetic, such as painting, wallpapering, carpeting, cabinets, tile and trim work, etc., do not require permits. Additionally, permits are not required when replacing fixtures on existing wiring or plumbin.

The following is a list of projects for which a permit is required:

Construction of a building, main building, accessory building (including permanent and portable storage sheds), gazebos, carports, patio covers

  • -Additions to a building
  • -Remodeling of a building requiring structural changes
  • -Building or replacing a deck more than 30" above grade

- Electrical work (repair work such as replacing switches, plugs and ballasts is exempt)

- Plumbing work

  • - Water heaters (replacing or adding)
  • - Replacing water or sewer lines (repair work such as exchange of washers and faucets is exempt)
  • - Irrigation systems (lawn sprinklers)
  • - Installing or replacing a furnace.
  • - Replacement of duct work (a third party energy inspection required).

- Installing or replacing an air conditioning system (Replacement of coils or minor items located inside unit are exempt).

- Building or replacing a fence. No fence is to be placed in an drainage easement

- Building or replacing a retaining wall over four feet in height measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall

- Replacing a roofing structure

- Installing or replacing concrete

- Building a swimming pool

- in-ground or above ground

- Building a spa or hot tub

- Demolition of a building

- Signs

This is not an all-inclusive list. Have questions concerning your specific project? Contact the Building Inspections Department.

Q2. What is the cost for permits?

The City of Fate fee schedule for permits is:

- Commercial permits, call the building Inspections Department

- Commercial Certificate of Occupancy.  $125.00

- Signs. Each sign inspection is $125.00
- Banners $35

- Residential Homes. 0.6% of the project cost based on the calculated national building value, $1,000 minimum

- Mechanical, Electrical & plumbing permits not associated with new construction $125.00

- Swimming Pools. $500.00

- Hot Tubs & above ground pools. $150.00

- Fence. $75.00

- Demolition. $250.00 Residential  $500 Commercial

- Residential Lawn Irrigation  $250 plus $50 backflow report filing fee

- Concrete work. $125.00

- Residential remodel or additions:  Based on value of construction.  $125 minimum

- Contractor Registration $125 (Plumbers exempt but must register)

-Accessory buildings  Based of size of structure

This is not an all-inclusive list. Any questions concerning your specific project? Contact the Building Inspections Department.