Reservations Pavilions and Gazebos

The City of Fate now offers pavilion and gazebo rentals to its residents. Please explore the following information on how to reserve a pavilion or gazebo for your next celebratory event. 

Rental Information 

  1. Reservation Hours 5 AM - 11 PM
  2. Residents may rent pavilions and gazebos for $40.00 per four (4) hour block. Proof of residency is required before application is approved. 
  3. Set up and clean up must be done within the time allotted
  4. Any park property shall be returned and restored to its original condition.

* Please note: community or special events may require an additional application, email with questions. 

Locations Available for Rental 

Pavilion Robert Smith Family Park

Gazebo Old Downtown Park - CLOSED - Currently Under Construction 

How to make Reservations: 

Complete the Online Park Reservation application. Upon completion, you will receive an email that your has been received. After the payment has been made you will receive an email to confirm the reservation.