Current Projects

Ben Payne Road

Ben Payne Road (from Hwy 66 to CD Boren Pkwy) will be reconstructed. The contractor will be removing the existing asphalt from May 14th-June 15th.
Once the asphalt is removed, a thick layer of a mixture of gravel/dirt/sand/asphalt will be placed. The layer will be compacted to provide a driveable surface. This surface will remain for approximately one year. The driveable surface may cause dust or muddy conditions. The City will strive to keep the roadway in a driveable condition until the top asphalt layer is placed on the roadway. It is anticipated that the asphalt will be placed on Ben Payne January 2019-May 2019. The work may occur earlier as the construction progresses.

Blackland Road

Contract has been awarded to Texana Land & Asphalt
Notice to proceed has been issued
Estimated start date: May 14th, 2018

Blackland Road Asphalt Repair
There will be various small repairs to the existing asphalt roadway from I30 to Greenbriar Road. The repairs will not cause the roadway to be shut down. Residents should expect minor delays and follow flag men onsite. This construction will occur end of May 2018 to July 2018.

Blackland Road Concrete Panel Repairs
The existing concrete sections of Blackland Road from Northview to the Greenbriar intersection will be removed and replaced. During this section, the section of Blackland Road from Northview Drive to Greenbriar. Traffic may take a detour route through Chamberlain Reserve (North Churchill Drive) and/or Melody Ranch (Krider Drive). Detour signs will be installed to direct traffic. This construction will occur from June 2018 to September 2018.

Blackland Road Reconstruction
Blackland Road from Greenbriar to approximately 700 feet north of Sun Valley Drive will be reconstructed from June 2018 to May 2019. Residents shall expect delays during this time frame. Two-way, one lane traffic is expected. Flaggers will be directing traffic during the day, while standard traffic control devices will be in place at night time. It is anticipated the top portion of the roadway (approximately 7”-8” of asphalt) will be removed. The existing subgrade/clay soils under the roadway will be treated to provide for a hard, compacted surface under the future roadway. Once the subgrade is complete, the asphalt will be placed on the surface. New pavement markings will be installed once the roadway is complete. In addition to the paving improvements, drainage improvements consisting of the removal and replacement of the driveway culverts along the roadway will occur. This will not disrupt the traffic along Blackland Road, however, the contractor will be coordinating with the residents living directly on Blackland Road regarding access to their homes.

Railroad Crossings

Contract has been signed and submitted to DGNO Railroad
DGNO has selected a contractor and ordered materials
Estimated start date: Mid-August 2018
Estimated end date: October 2018


I-30 and FM 551 TxDOT Signal approved
Design complete
Estimated start date: Mid-July 2018
Estimated complete date: End of 2018

Hwy 66 and CD Boren TxDOT Signal Warranted January 11, 2018
Estimated start date: No additional information from TxDOT at this time.

Railroad Crossings, Rochelle, Blackland, Greenbriar, North Ben Payne, Northview, Carrington and Downtown Fate. 

Fate City Council approved a $6.8-million-dollar investment on road repairs and construction during the Monday, December 4 2017 City Council meeting. Several projects included are the reconstruction of the railroad crossing at Riding Club Road, Ben Payne Road and at the Crawford/HWY 66 intersection.Rochelle Road will receive crack seal to maintain the previously improved road. Blackland road will have areas of replacement, asphalt reconstruction, crack seal as well as some drainage work. Greenbriar Road construction will include crack seal and surface repair. Sections of North Ben Payne Road are planned to be repaired prior to the four-lane concrete section planned in the next one to two years.  Finally, Northview and Carrington Drive construction includes portions of concrete panel replacement.

Also included is a redevelopment for the Fate Downtown area blocks (FM 551 to Brown and Brown Ave. to Barnes Ave.) to include roadwork and electric and sewer lines. Fate City Council has developed a plan to create quality vertical mixed use developments to make a walkable gathering place for residents to live, work and play that is also financially productive economic development.

For maps, estimated start dates and more information, click here.

Starting on Monday January 29, concrete panels will be excavated and replace on Northview Drive, Chamberlain at Memorial and on Carrington Drive. Resident can expect barricades and traffic delays starting on Friday January 26.The construction is expected to take one week. We appreciate your support during this temporary inconvenience.

Road Construction on NORTHVIEW DR
Road Construction on CHAMBERLAIN DR

City Hall - NOW OPEN

The City of Fate held its grand opening ceremony for the New City Hall on Saturday, February 4th, 2017.  The New City Hall is located at 1900 CD Boren Parkway, off of State Highway 66, near the Robert Smith Family Park.
Fate City Hall, 1900 CD Boren Parkway

Road Construction - COMPLETED

The City Council recently approved a contract for road repairs on Rochelle Road, South Ben Payne, Riding Club Road, and Crawford (see image for project locations).

The repairs include using concrete stabilized base. The contractor will dig down 10 inches into the road, grind it up, and then infuse it with a concrete slurry mix. After which, they will level the mix and overlay it with 3 inches of asphalt.
Current Road Projects